Boiler Mountings

Boiler Mountings are those which are required for proper functioning of the boiler. Boiler mountings are fitted directly on the boilers. List of boiler mountings for proper functioning of the boiler are as follows

  1. Water level indicators
  2. Pressure gauge
  3. Safety valves
  4. Steam stop valve
  5. Blow off cock
  6. Feed check valve
  7. Fusible plug
  1. Water level indicators:  The function of Water level indicator is to indicate the level of the water in the boiler drum.  Normally boiler will be fitted with two water level indicators. One of them will serve as stand by in case the other fails. The water level indicators will be fitted at the front end of the boiler so that they are clearly visible to the boiler operator.
  2. Pressure Gauge : The function of the pressure gauge is to indicate the pressure of the steam in the boiler. The pressure gauge is normally mounted in the front end at the top of the boiler shell so as to be clearly visible to the operator. 
  3. Safety Valves : The function of Safety valves is to maintain safe pressure inside the boiler by releasing the excess pressure when it reaches safe limit.
  4. Steam Stop Valve : A Steam stop valve is also called as Junction valve, which is used to regulate the flow of steam from the boiler. 
  5. Feed Check Valve :  When the level of water in the boiler falls, it is brought back to the specified level by supplying the additional water called feed water. The pressure inside the boiler will be high therefore the pressure of the feed water has to be raised by a pump before it is fed into the boiler. the feed water at high pressure is fed into the boiler through the feed check valve. 
    The function of Feed check valve to regulate the rate of flow of feed water and it should prevent the escape of the water from the boiler through the opened regulator valve in the event of instantaneous cease of working of the feed water pump, or when the pressure of the feed water in the pump falls due to the leakage on the delivery side of the pump.
  6. Blow off cock or Blow off valve : The function of the blow off valve is to remove periodically the sediments collected at the bottom of the boiler while in operation. It is also used to empty the water in the boiler when required for periodical cleaning and inspection.
  7. Fusible Plug : Fusible plug is a safety device used to extinguish the fire in the furnace of the boiler when the water level falls too much below the normal level. It is fitted over the crown of the furnace or the combustion chamber.
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