A spring is defined as an elastic body, whose function is to distort when loaded and to recover its original shape when load is removed.

The various important applications of springs are as follows.

  1. To cushion, absorb or control energy due to either shock or vibrations as in car springs, railway buffers, aircraft landing pages, shock absorbers and vibration dampers.
  2. To apply forces, as in brakes, clutches, and spring loaded valves.
  3. To control motion by maintaining contact between two elements as in cams and followers.
  4. To measure forces, as in spring balances and engine indicators.
  5. To store energy, as in watches, toys etc.

Different types of springs

  1. Helical springs
  2. Conical and volute springs
  3. Torsion springs
  4. Laminated springs or leaf springs
  5. Disc springs or Belleville springs

Question and Answers

  1. Sprint stiffness is
    Answer : Load required to produce unit deflection
  2. If two springs are in parallel then their overall stiffness will be
    Answer : Double
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