Gear Train & Types of Gear Train

What is Gear Train ?

Gear Train is an arrangement where two or more gears are meshed together in order to transmit, motion  or power.

Different Types of Gear Trains are listed below

  1. Simple Gear Train
  2. Compound Gear Train
  3. Reverted Gear Train
  4. Epicyclic Gear Train or Planetary Gear Train

Different types of gear trains are explained below

1. Simple Gear Train :

Simple gear train is a type of gear train in which each shafts carries only one gear, all the gears revolve about fixed axis.

2. Compound Gear Train

A compound gear train is a type of gear train in which each shaft carries two or more gears except first and last, which acts as driven and other as the driver. In Compound gear trains all the gears revolves about a fixed axis.

The advantage of compound gear train is the larger velocity ratio can be obtained in limited space.

3. Reverted Gear Train

In a reverted gear train, the first and the last gears have the same axis of rotation. If these two gears are mounted on the same shaft, one of them must be loosely mounted. They find applications in epicyclic gear trains. They are also used in clocks and machine tools.

Application of reverted gear train

In watches and clocks the hour and minute needles are connected by reverted gear train, back gear of lathe, automotive transmission etc.

4. Epicyclic Gear Train or planetary gear train

In Epicyclic gear train, the axes of rotation of all the wheels are not fixed. In Epicyclic gear train, axes of some gears having relative motion with respect to other or relative to the frame. Epicyclic gear train is also called planetary gear train.

Application of Epicyclic Gear Train (Planetary Gear Train)

Used in automobile differential, watches etc.

Questions and Answers

  1. The gear train usually employed in clocks is a

    Answer : Reverted Gear Train

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