Types of Belt Drives

The belt drives are usually classified into the following three groups :

  1. Light Drives
  2. Medium Drives
  3. Heavy Drives

1. Light Drives

Light Drives are used to transmit small powers at belt speeds upto about 10 m/s, as in agricultural machines and small machine tools.

2. Medium Drives

Medium are used to transmit medium power at belt speeds over 10 m/s but up to 22 m/s, as in machine tools.

3. Heavy Drives

Heavy Drives are used to transmit large powers at belt speeds above 22 m/s, as in compressors and generators.

Types of Flat Belt Drives

  1. Open belt drive
  2. Crossed Belt Drive or twist belt drive
  3. Quarter turn belt drive
  4. Belt drive with idler pulleys
  5. Compound belt drive.
  6. Stepped or cone pulley drive
  7. Fast and loose pulley drive
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