Plug Gauges

Plug Gauges

Plug Gauges are the limit gauges for a hole and consists of two cylindrical wear resisting steel plugs whose size are made to the limiting values of the hole dimension. The plug made to the lower limit of the hole is known as “GO” gauge, and this will obviously enter any hole which is not smaller than the lower limit allowed. The plug made to the upper limit is known as “NOT-GO” or “NO-GO” gauge, and will not enter any hole which is smaller than the upper limit allowed. Go and No-Go plugs are arranged at either end of common handle.

Types of Plug Gauges

  1. Single Ended Plug Gauges
  2. Double Ended Plug Gauges
  3. Progressive Plug gauge

Questions and Answers

  1. a plug gauge is used for
    Answer : Check the diameter of hole
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