What is Clinometer ?

A clinometer is a special case of the application of spirit level. In which the spirit level is mounted on a rotary member carried in a housing. The bottom end of housing. The bottom end of the housing forms the base of the instrument. On the housing, there is a circular scale. The angle of inclination of the rotary member carrying the spirit level relative to its base can be measured by this circular scale.

The Clinometer is mainly used to determine the included angle between two adjacent faces of the workpiece. Thus to measure the included angle, the clinometer base is first placed on one face of the workpiece and the rotary member is adjusted till the bubble is exactly at the centre of the spirit level. The angle is then noted on the circular scale. A second reading is taken in a similar manner on the second face of the workpiece. The included angle between the two aces is then the difference between the two readings.

clinometers are also used for checking angular faces and relief angles on large cutting tools and milling cutter inserts. Further they are used for setting jig boring machine tables to any desired inclination and angular work on grinding machine etc.

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