Marking Tools

Marking and Marking Tools

The most important step in the marking of a machine part and in a particular fitting operation is the marking or layout of guidelines on the metal before machining or cutting by hand tools.

Purpose of Marking

  1. To ensure that the correct amount of metal is removed from the various faces so that the correct shape is produced.
  2. To provide lines which will server as a guide indicating that a correct size has been reached.

List of Equipment and Instruments for Marking

The equipment and instruments used for marking are described below

1) Surface Plate

2) Marking Table

3) Scriber

4) Divider


6) Hermaphrodite Caliper

7) Punches

8) Surface Gauge

9) ‘V’-blocks

10) Box Square

11) Angle Plate

12) Parallels

13) Combination Set

14) Bevel Square

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