Parts of File Tool

Parts of a file Tool are

  1. Tip or Point
  2. Face or side
  3. Edge
  4. Heel
  5. Shoulder
  6. Tang
  7. Handle
  8. Ferrule
  9. Materials
Parts of File Tool
Parts of File Tool
  1. Tip or Point – the end opposite to tang
  2. Face or side –  The broad part of the file with teeth cut on its surface
  3. Edge – The thin part of the file with a single row of parallel teeth
  4. Heel –  The portion of the broad part without teeth
  5. Shoulder – the curved part of the file separating tang from the body
  6. Tang – The narrow and thin part of a file which fits into the handle
  7. Handle – The part fitted to the tang for holding the file
  8. Ferrule – A protective metal ring to prevent cracking of the handle.
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