Planer Machine

The machine tool for planing is a planer. Cutting speed is achieved by a
reciprocating worktable that moves the part past the single-point cutting tool. The construction and motion capability of a planer permit much larger parts to be machined than on a shaper. Planers can be classified as open side planers or double-column planers.

The open-side planer, also known as a single-column planer, has a single column supporting the cross-rail on which a toolhead is mounted. Another toolhead can also be mounted and fed along the vertical column. Multiple toolheads permit more than one cut to be taken on each pass. At the completion of each stroke, each toolhead is moved relative to the cross-rail (or column) to achieve the intermittent feed motion. The configuration of the open-side planer permits very wide workparts to be machined.

Adouble-columnplaner has twocolumns,oneoneither sideof the base and worktable. The columns support the cross-rail, on which one or more tool heads are mounted. The two columns provide amore rigid structure for the operation; however, the two columns limit the width of the work that can be handled on this machine.

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