Lathe Operations

List of Lathe Operations

  1. Plain Turning
  2. Step Turning
  3. Facing
  4. Parting
  5. Drilling
  6. Reaming
  7. Boring
  8. Knurling
  9. Grooving
  10. Threading
  11. Forming
  12. Filling and Polishing
  13. Chamfering
  14. Taper Turning

1) Plain Turning

Plain turning is the operation of removing excess amount of material from the surface of a cylindrical job.

2) Step Turning

Step turning produces various steps of different diameters.

3) Facing

The facing is a machining operation by which the end surface of the work piece is made flat by removing metal from it.

4) Parting

The parting or cutting off is the operation of cutting away a desired length of the workpiece, i.e., dividing the workpiece in two or more parts.

5) Drilling

Drilling is the operation of producing a cylindrical hole in the workpiece.

6) Reaming

The holes that are produced by drilling are rarely straight and cylindrical in form. The reaming operation finishes and sizes the hole already drilled into the workpiece.

7) Boring

The boring operation is the process of enlarging a hole already produced by drilling.

8) Knurling

The boring operation is the process of enlarging a hole already produced by drilling.

9) Grooving

Grooving is the act of making grooves of reduced diameter in the workpiece.

10) Threading

Threading is the act of cutting of the required form of threads on the internal or external cylindrical surfaces.

11) Forming

The forming is an operation that produces a convex, concave or any irregular profile on the workpiece.

12) Chamfering

Chamfering removes the burrs and sharp edges, and thus makes the handling safe. Chamfering can be done by a form tool having angle equal to chamfer which is generally kept at 45°.

13) Filling and Polishing

The filing is the finishing operation that removes burrs, sharp corners and feed marks from the workpiece. After filing, the surface quality is the workpiece is improved by the polishing operation with the help of emery cloth of fine grades.

14) Taper Turning

The taper turning is an operation of producing a conical surface by gradual reduction in the diameter of a cylindrical workpiece.

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