Types of Patterns

Types of Patterns in Casting Process

  1. Single piece patternInexpensive and simplest one Single piece, Simple job, Useful for Small scale production Pattern will be entirely in the drag One surface is flat and at the parting line, Used for very small scale production.
  2. Split or two piece patternUsed for intricate casting, Split along the parting line, Used where depth of job is too high, Aligned with dowel pins fitted to cope.
  3. Gated patternGating and runner system are integrated with the pattern
    Improves productivity.
  4. Cope and drag patternSimilar to split pattern, For cope and drag, separately attached gating system to metal plate, Heavy and inconvenient for handling, Useful for Continuous production.
  5. Match plate patternSimilar to cope and drag patterns with gating and risering system mounted on a single matching plate, Pattern and match plate are made up of metal (Al), Useful for small casting with high dimensional accuracy, Suitable for large scale production, Gating system is attached to the match plate, Expensive.
  6. Loose piece patternWithdrawing of the pattern from the mould is difficult, Useful for highly skilled job, Expensive.
  7. Follow board patternUsed for structurally weak portions
    Bottom board is modified as follow board.
  8. Sweep patternUseful for Axi-symmetrical and prismatic shape, Suitable for large scale production.
  9. Skeleton patternStripes of wood are used for building final pattern, Suitable for large casting.

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