Types of Gating System in Casting

Gating are flow passages to run and fill molten metal in mould cavity.

Gating system include distribution of clean metal with proper rates and velocities at specific location in the mould.

Types of Gating System in Casting

  • Top gate
  • Bottom gate
  • Branch gate
  • Horn gate
  • Parting type

1. Top Gate

Molten metal from pouring basin is fed directly into the mould cavity. The hottest metal remains at the top of casting , this promotes directional solidification from the casting towards the gate

2. Bottom Gate

The molten metal enters from bottom to the mould cavity. It minimizes turbulence and erosion in the mould cavity. Provides unfavorable temperature gradients that do not promote directional solidification.

3. Branch Gate

4. Horn Gate

Horn Gate type of gate which is a part of the pattern with smooth curves and progressive change in dimension is designed to minimize mould erosion and oxidation of molten metal.

5. Parting Type Gate

Parting type Gate is most commonly used gate and is a compromise between top and bottom gates. The gate is provided at the parting line of the mould.

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