Colour Coding for Patterns and Core Boxes

Colour coding for the patterns and core boxes are as follows

Pattern and Core box colour coding in Casting process
  1. Black Colour : The surfaces which are to be left unmachined are painted with black colour.
  2. Red Colour : The surfaces which are to be machined are painted with Red colour.
  3. Yellow Colour : The core prints and seats for loose core prints are painted with Yellow colour.
  4. Yellow base with Red Stripes : The seats for loose pieces are marked with red strips on yellow base.
  5. Yellow base with Black Strips : The stop offs are indicated by diagonal black strips on yellow base.
  6. No colour : The parting surfaces is indicated by no colour.

Question and Answer

  1. The surface to be left unmachined is marked on the pattern by
    Answer: Black Colour
  2. The surface to be machined is marked on the pattern by which colour
    Answer: Red Colour
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