Projection of Lines

Straight line

A line is a geometric primitive that has length and direction, but no thickness. Straight line is the Locus of a point, which moves linearly.  Straight line is also the shortest distance between any two given points.

The location of a line in projection quadrants is described by specifying the distances of its end points from the VP, HP and PP.  A line may be:

  • Parallel to both the planes.
  • Parallel to one plane and perpendicular to the other.
  • Parallel to one plane and inclined to the other.
  • Inclined to both the planes.

Projection of a line

The projection of a line can be obtained by projecting its end points on planes of projections and then connecting the points of projections. The projected length and inclination of a line, can be different compared to its true length and inclination.

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