ReCirculating Ball Screw

Recirculating Ball Screw in CNC Machines

Due to high friction between screws and thread sliding friction replaced by rolling friction to increase accuracy and transmission efficiency of CNC machine.

The Recirculating ball lead screw and nut consists, Ball return tube, Re-circulating balls, screw and nut. The steel balls which rotates between screw and nut within ball return tube, at specific point. The steel balls are return back to the starting point of the screw and nut and when gives the endless stream of the re-circulating balls.

Parts of Recirculating Ball Screw

Recirculating Ball Screw Working

Accuracy of CNC machines depends on their rigid construction, care in manufacturing, and the use of ball screws to almost eliminate slop in the screws used to move portions of the machine. These pictures show the precision balls which re-circulate in the nut.

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