M Codes

Miscellaneous Functions [M-Codes]

M00- Un-conditional program stop

M01- Conditional program stop.

M02- End of program with return to program start

M03- Spindle rotation clock-wise

M04- Spindle rotation counter clock-wise

M05- Spindle stop

M06- Turret index

M07- Coolant ON

M08- Coolant ON

M09- Coolant OFF

M10- Chuck close

M11- Chuck open

M13- Coolant ON with spindle ON

M15- Coolant OFF with spindle OFF

M16- Chuck I.D. selection

M17- End of subroutine, written in the lost block of the subroutine

M18- Chuck O.D. selection

M19- Spindle orientation

M20- Cancel mirror image

M21- Mirror image X-axis

M22- Mirror image Y-axis

M23- Mirror image Z-axis

M24- Chip converge FWD

M25- Chip converge Reverse

M26- Chip converge Off

M30- End of program

M32- Tail stock quill forward

M33- Tail stock quill retract

M36- Feed rate over enable

M38- Spindle speed over enable

M41- Spindle gear low

M42- Spindle gear high

M46- Auto door open

M47- Auto door close

M50- Spindle lock

M51- Spindle unlock

M65- Bar feeder ON

M66- Decode before M99

M68- Part catcher IN

M69- Part catcher OUT

M78- Steady rest 1 IN

M79- Steady rest 1 OUT

M80- Steady rest 2 IN

M81- Steady rest 2 OUT

M82- Tail stock body FWD/unclamp

M83- Tail stock body RET/clamp

M84- Touch probe arm forward

M85- Touch probe arm Retract

M98- Subroutine call

M99- Subroutine end

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