G Codes

Preparatory Functions (G-Codes)

G00- Rapid transverse

G01- Linear interpolation

G02- Circular interpolation clock wise

G03- Circular interpolation counter clock wise

G04- Dwell time under address for X in seconds

G09- Speed reduction, fine exact positioning

G10- Polar co-ordinates programming rapid traverse

G11- Polar co-ordinates programming linear interpolation

G17- Plane selection XY-plane

G18- Plane selection XZ-plane

G19- Plane selection YZ-plane

G25- Minimum working area limitation

G26- Maximum working area limitation

G33- Thread cutting

G34- Thread cutting, linearly progressive lead

G35- Thread cutting, linearly degressive lead

G40- Cancel cutter radius compensation

G41- cutter radius compensation left

G42- Cutter radius compensation right

G53- Supress the zero offsets

G54- Select zero offset 1

G55- Select zero offset 2

G56- Select zero offset 3

G57- Select zero offset 4

G58- Programmable zero offset 1

G58- Programmable zero offset 2

G59- Programmable additive zero offset

G60- Exact stop

G62- Continuous path operation, block transition with speed reduction

G63- Tapping with compensation CHUCK

G64- Continuous path mode

G70- Input system in inch Reset state

G71- Input system in metric machine data

G80- No boring cycle

G81- Drilling centering boring cycle

G82- Drilling and counter sinking cycle

G83- Deep hole drilling and boring cycle

G84- Tapping cycle

G85- Boring cycle

G86- Boring cycle

G87- Boring cycle

G88- Boring cycle

G89- Boring cycle

G90- Absolute dimension programming

G91- Incremental dimension programming

G92- Limitation of spindle speed ā€œSā€ when using with G96

G94- Feed rate under address F mm/rev.

G95- Feed rate under address F mm/rev.

G96- constant cutting speed

G97- Cancel G96, store last set speed of G96

Questions and Answers

  1. Which CNC code will give linear interpolation movement?
    Answer : GO1
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