CNC Inserts

CNC Inserts

The various shapes of Inserts are depicted in below figure. There are number of standard tool holders are available and these tool holders can hold many types of tools, these tool holders are used for both CNC milling and CNC turning lathe, tooling and these holders old carbide pieces is called INSERTS. The Inserts shape should be selected by the programmer according to the required angle of the tool, the largest suitable point angle on the insert be selected for strength and economy.

Design Features of CNC Tooling

The following important points are to be considered while designing of CNC tooling.

  • To give high accuracy
  • Variety of operations to be done.
  • Rigidity of tooling to with stand higher cutting force.
  • Rigidity to transmit the spindle power as highest speeds.
  • Interchangeability to produce same accuracy on all the components.

Factors affecting the tooling for CNC Machines

Tooling for the CNC machines depends upon the following.

  • Type of CNC machine.
  • NC program developed
  • Material of the work piece
  • Schedule of the production
  • Type of jobs
  • The types of operations to be performed
  • Complexity of operation
  • Operators skill and training.

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