Parts of I.C. Engine

Main Parts of I.C Engine are as follows.

  1. Cylinder
  2. Piston
  3. Piston Rings
  4. Connecting Rod
  5. Crank and Crankshaft
  6. Valves
  7. Flywheel
  8. Crankcase
  1. Cylinder The heart of the engine is the cylinder in which the fuel is burnt and power is developed. The inside diameter is called bore. To prevent the wearing of the cylinder block, a sleeve will be fitted tightly in the cylinder. The piston reciprocates inside the cylinder.
  2. Piston The piston is a close fitting hollow-cylindrical plunger moving to and-fro in the cylinder. The power developed by the combustion of the fuel is transmitted by the piston to the crank shaft through the connecting rod.
  3. Piston RingsThe piston rings are the metallic rings inserted into the circumferential grooves provided at the top end of the piston. These rings maintain a gas-tight joint between the piston and the cylinder while the piston is reciprocating in the cylinder. They also help in conducting the heat from the piston to the cylinder.
  4. Connecting Rod It is a link that connects the piston and the crankshaft by means of pin joints. It converts the rectilinear motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crankshaft.
  5. Crank and CrankshaftThe crank is a lever that is connected to the end of the connecting rod by a pin joint with its other end connected rigidly to a shaft, called crankshaft. It rotates about the axis of the crankshaft and causes the connecting rod to oscillate.
  6. Valves The valves are the devices which controls the flow of the intake and the exhaust gases to and from the engine cylinder. They are also called poppet valves. These valves are operated by means of cams driven by the crankshaft through a timing gear or chain.
  7. Flywheel : It is a heavy wheel mounted on the crankshaft of the engine to maintain uniform rotation of the crankshaft.
  8. Crankcase : It is the lower part of the engine serving as an enclosure for the crankshaft and also as a sump for the lubricating oil.

Questions & Answers

  1. The function of cylinder head gasket is to
    Answer : prevent the combustion gases from leaking from the joint between the cylinder block and cylinder head
  2. The basic part of the engine, to which the other engine parts are attached or assembled is the
    Answer : cylinder block
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